An ancient city built deep in the western desert on the shore of lake Anpu. Ancestral home of the mighty and magnificent dragonborn. A It’s fed by the Seraq river coming from the western mountains. Intrepid traders ply the dangerous waters to bring back exotic spices and animals from the forests where the waters originate.

Over the last millennium of recorded history lake Anpu has become increasingly saline. Increasing amounts of energy magical and otherwise have been devoted to water purification. Their is a fear that at some time in the future the land will no longer be fertile and the city will be abandoned.

Anpu was peacefully incorporated into the empire. The sudden death of the traditionalist queen and crown prince allowed the more progressive Carod to come to power. He quickly allied the city with the growing empire and established regular trade.

Malcor is the leader of Anpu. He has overthrown the king and taken over the city

Julunggul is the patron diety of Anpu.


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